New interactive marketing channel between retailers and networks’ subscribers.


A platform to acquire and retain customers

Generate leads

Start targeted campaigns to attract people to your online and offline stores

Build loyalty

Employ incetive programs to build long-lasting relationships with your customers


Instantly convert offline ads to mobile campaigns

Deliver your message to millions of users around the country

Gain a complete control over a channel budget

Customize every aspect of your campaigns



Increase traffic


Improve conversion


Build loyalty

How RLClub attracts customers


Check in

Give your customers small bonuses for visiting your store


Time-limited promo-campaigns

Instantly reach your audience to promote either new products or discounts


Barcode or QR-code scans

Place codes in specific store areas or units that you want to sell and give people extra-bonuses for scanning these codes

How RLClub retains customers


Gifts to the most loyal customers

Define your most loyal and valuable customers and provide special gifts to them


Real-time feedback

Interact with customers when they are seeing your message. Read comments, see likes and shares

How RLClub increases sales

Help people find your store among hundreds of competitors

Get more shoppers to your offline store

Increase number of purchases per store

How RLClub increases purchase volume


Tools To Lead Customers Through Pipeline

Launch different campaigns aimed at offering customers cross- and up-sells, recurring sales, etc.



Interact with customers when they are seeing your message


Track marketnig effectiveness

  • Track every dime of your campaigns
    • Identify every person that came to your store
    • Get number of transactions and total revenue
    • Estimate ROI of every campaign

Know your customer

  • Gain a detailed picture of your customers as well as your audience

Compete with your rivals

  • Match your metrics with industry benchmarks

Features for retail chains

Launch campaigns from HQ or regional offices

Define budget sources, data visibility and access rights according to your department structure

Features for brands

Promote your products via RLClub

Use barcode scanner to track purchases

Combine your current campaigns with RLClub

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